Exporting PDF Reports with SVOffice™ 2009

Presented by: Dr. Murray Fredlund, President of SoilVision Systems Ltd.


Hi, my name is Murray Fredlund and welcome to the session on Exporting PDF Reports within the SVOffice 2009 Next Generation Geotechnical software suite.

The purpose of this session is to familiarize the user with a new feature in the software which allows the user to export in high quality PDF format. This means that all the output is fully vectorized which means the output can be scaled up or down without losing quality. This format is highly benefitial to use this type of format in the production of engineering reports or various other high quality types of reporting methods.

Defining a Report

What we have on the screen is an example model that we're going to spit out as a PDF report. There are two steps in exporting a PDF. The first step is to define the action by selecting Model > Model Properties and then select the PDF Settings tab. By defails the Export Format setting is turned off. By selecting Standard Frame, a frame will be placed around the model. It should be noted that the PDF output can exported on several different types of formats.

  • Place a frame around the model and add a caption
  • Export the model itself as a PDF document

Let's assume we want to export the current model to a pdf. We will select letter size, landscape mode, and the Arial font. Let's name the output "My Project", title is "Tailings", project number "449ATR", date as current date, and there are some additional fields as well. We can also add a company logo to the output if desired.

Now we have set up all the details and now we can proceed with generating the report.

Generating a Report

Now we can export our model as a PDF, by selecting File > Export As... and selecting the PDF option. Note that several other export formats are also available. (Editor's note: there is now also a one-click "Print to PDF" button available that is more convenient to use.) Let's change the name from "default" to "SessionA", select Save and this creates the PDF. The PDF file is placed in the model directory by default. We can select File > Open Model Directory to locate and open the PDF file. We can see the high-quality PDF has been created, with the appropriate labels added to the chart.

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