Tailings Model Initial Conditions using SVFlux™

April 21, 2011

One of the competitive advantages that SoilVision Systems Ltd. provides to its customers is encapsulated in the term Continuous Innovation (CI). This technology allows our firm to be quick and responsive to the requests of customers related to new features for our software package. New features can be implemented and delivered to customers in days or weeks. This technology was exemplified in a particular order of the software by the Denver office of AMEC.

AMEC had purchased the SVFlux™ software in order to model the stacking of filtered tailings and the subsequent seepage emanating from the facility. During the process, they had indicated they wanted to represent initial conditions in the software in a particular way that was not yet implemented. We examined their specifications and realized that their required change could be implemented with a few days of effort. The software was then modified and a new version created in a time period of four days. AMEC subsequently completed the modeling project and has utilized the software on multiple projects since.

We found the response time regarding implementation of the new boundary condition feature impressive. The software has subsequently been utilized on various projects within AMEC including dry stack and traditional tailing storage facility design, as well as numerous closure cover systems. The comprehensive climatic and material characteristic relationships and CAD interface have been instrumental in reducing both modeling time and cost.

Justin Hall, P.Eng., Senior Engineer, AMEC Earth & Environmental

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