Using SVSlope® and SVSolid™ in Civil Engineering Projects

February 16, 2012

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee purchased the SVOffice™ 2009 software suite for use on their civil projects. The software was purchased primarily due to the advanced feature set which allowed the city more leverage in the numerical techniques which were applied to certain analyses. The city has used the software for multiple projects, and has indicated that the stability of SVOffice 2009 has allowed them to create and solve numerical models quickly and easily. Primary use of the package has been focused on the SVSlope® slope stability software with which a number of numerical models have been created and solved. SVSolid™ is allowing the city to analyse more complex geometries such as wrap-around retaining walls at the ends of integral abutment bridges. Most of the applications to date have focused on slopes next to roads, bridge abutments, and overpass embankments.

Sample SVSlope model
Sample SVSlope model

SVSlope analysis results
SVSlope analysis results

When asked to comment on the use of SVOffice 2009, Ariel Soriano (P.Eng.) had this to say:

We compared other geotechnical software packages, but decided to purchase the SVOffice 2009 geotechnical suite based on the capabilities of the software and the helpful nature of the staff at SoilVision Systems Ltd. The features offered in the SoilVision components that we purchased are so vast that we have not been able to use all of them yet. However, everything we have used to date has been exceptional and compares very favorably with other software tools we have used in the past.

Ariel Soriano, P.Eng.
Engineering Manager
Design & Construction Group
City of Chattanooga - Public Works

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