SVSlope® Utilized to Investigate the Occurrence and Progression of Ground Cracks South of Lake Burdur, Turkey

April 9, 2014

The application of SVSlope® used during an investigation into the occurrence and progression of ground cracks south of Lake Burdur and northwest of the city of Burdur, Turkey proved invaluable. The possible causes have been an ongoing topic of discussion. The resolution of a multitude of issues is required to determine an accurate mechanism of their occurrence.

One theory that had not been previously considered was the effect of the rapid water loss in the lake of about 15 m in the last 40 years. Slope stability calculations based on limit equilibrium methods are undertaken based on the lithological and morphological characteristics as well as geotechnical properties of the area.

SVSlope® was able to demonstrate that the occurrence of the cracks were significantly influenced by the rapid drop in water levels. Because ground cracks have occurred similarly in other parts of the world, these results will help to form a general understanding of the mechanism that causes them.

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