Bill Young Reservoir Failure Analysis using SVSlope® and SVFlux™

December 7, 2011

SVSlope® and SVFlux™ were recently utilized in the back-analysis of the failure of the C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir in Tampa Bay, Florida, to provide a total stress and effective stress analysis of the failure. A key part of the analysis was the calculation of seepage gradients during construction and operation of the facility and determining what influence the seepage gradients had on the filling and operation of the facility.

A presentation of the details of the failure is available on this page at Devo Engineering under the title "State Of The Art Slope Stability Analysis With Transient Seepage Forces". Animations and videos are also available.


Please note that this success story does not warrant that any particular numerical modeling approach utilized by any client is correct. Clients are free to apply professional judgement in their own analysis and there are multiple ways to apply our software in every situation.

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