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Company Product Name Description
Durham Geo Slope Indicator Inclinometers Portable inclinometer systems, In-place inclinometer systems, and spiral checking.
Durham Geo Slope Indicator Inclinometer Casing Special purpose pipe used in inclinometer installations.
Geokon Inclinometer Probes Used in conjunction with inclinometer casing for the measurement of lateral earth movements which might occur in unstable slopes, land slides, dam and roadway embankments, and landfills. Also used to measure deflections in the walls of excavations, shafts, tunnels, and in caissons, piles and sheet piling.
Geokon Inclinometer Software Gtilt Plus allows you to manage and plot inclinometer data from a variety of sources.
Geokon Spiral Indicator Provides a direct reading of the azimuth of the casing grooves at any point along the casing.
Measurand SAA (ShapeAccelArray) Rope-like array of sensors and microprocessors that fits into a small casing. Any deformation that moves the casing is accurately measured as a change in the shape of the SAA. Can be used horizontally or vertically (slope or subsidence).
RST Instruments Digital MEMS Inclinometer System Cutting Edge MEMS technology with unmatched precision, high thermal stability, and rugged durability.
RST Instruments Vibrating Wire Piezometers Allow for measurements of pore water pressure
RST Instruments Fully Grouted Multi-point Piezometer String Allow for multiple vibrating Wire Piezometers to be connected on a single cable.


Company Product Name Description
GCTS Large scale Soil Triaxial Cell  
GCTS Fredlund SWCC Device Unsaturated soil testing apparatus with great flexibility for applying matric suctions while following various stress paths