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Company Product Name Description
GCTS Fredlund Thermal Conductivity Sensor Unsaturated Soil sensor for measuring soil suction and temperature in the field.
RST Instruments Thermistor Strings Curve matched to desired temperature tolerance over selected temperature ranges, permitting the use of multiple sensors with a single readout or data logger.
RST Instruments Digital ThermArray System Provides precision thermal gradient information for geotechnical, geothermal, and marine applications.
Geokon Thermistor Probes Used for remote readings such as measuring hydration and cooling temperatures in placement of mass concrete
Geokon Thermistor Strings Comprises a number of individual 3800 sensors mounted in a rugged, multi-conductor cables for multiple temperature measurements in a single borehole.
Geokon Temperature Sensors Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensors or Fiber Optic Temperarture sensors.
Geokon High Temperature Piezometer Designed for applications where the temperature may be as high as 230 C.