SVFlux - 2D Gallery - Canal Problems

The design, construction, and operation of a canal system involves a number of geotechnical issues. Typical issues include:

  • How will the local groundwater table be affected?
  • What pumping scheme will be required to validate the design? (If in a region with a high water table)

SVFlux offers a number of benefits to the design and operation of this type of structure as shown below. Please note that most of these models can be downloaded through our SVOffice product suite.




This model illustrates the use of SVFlux for modeling an irrigation canal. The irrigation canal in this case is lined with a clay material.

Model filename: Canals > Irrigation.svm

Pump Slope

This model illustrates the use of SVFlux to calculate flow out of a canal type structure into the surrounding soil.

Model filename: Canals > PumpSlope.svm