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To try out the student versions of our modeling software, download SVOffice 2006. All SVOffice 2006 applications default to the Student level of authorization. The student versions of our software are open to consultants, government use, and academics.


The SVOffice 2006 software has been re-designed to simplify model creation and creates a 3D environment in which software models are visualized while they are created. A host of new features enhance the existing convergence, stability, automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement that defined the SoilVision software in the past.

The finite element packages developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. have garnered market attention as "high level" software packages that are able to solve models not capable of being solved with most traditional numerical modeling software packages. Many geotechnical consulting firms have come to trust the advanced features of the software to deliver complex 3D solutions to the engineering market.

The sophistication of the SVOffice software product has reached a new level of maturity with the release of SVOffice 2006 and the accompanying new features. A new and redesigned user interface is implemented as well as a fully visual 3D model development environment. The entire product suite has been integrated into a single application while data management has been improved to simplify and speed the model development process. Integrated and on-line help systems have also been implemented to ease usage for new users.

SVOffice 2006 incudes the following products:

  2D/3D Groundwater Modeling

1. Overview
2. Benefits of SVOffice 2006
3. What Sets SoilVision Apart
4. SVOffice 2006 Package Bundles
5. Product Integration
6. New Features
7. Integrated Help
8. System Requirements

  2D/3D Contaminant Transport Modeling
  2D/3D Freeze/Thaw Modeling
  2D/3D Soil Vapor Extraction Modeling
  2D/3D Stress/Deformation Modeling
  Slope Stability Modeling
  Knowledge-Based Database Software

SVOffice 2006 is provides users with the ability to complete an entire project within one software suite. From lab data to solution visualization, SVOffice 2006 will help you guide your project to success.

True Integration

All of the modeling software in SVOffice 2006 are run through a single interface, and at the click of one button, you can move seamlessly from one modeling process to another. Pore pressure data easily exports from SVFlux into a stress analysis in SVSolid. Stress data and pore pressure data can then be used in a slope stability analysis. This process can be taken one step further as SoilVision database software allows users to estimate hydraulic data for an unknown soil. Now models can easily be taken from lab data to an advanced analysis.

Purchase Options

Each component of SVOffice 2006 can be purchased individually or as a package. This means you can build your SVOffice 2006 package over time or all at once. Our payment options are very flexible, contact us if you have any specific purchase questions.

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Benefits of SVOffice 2006

1. Geometry Advantage - SVOffice 2006 includes the most comprehensive geometry system available in numerical modeling. Geometry can be imported from DXF, CSV, and excel XYZ data forms. The model mesh is automatically generated so that users never have to create model mesh. The mesh is then automatically refined in zones that are critical to problem analysis. Boundary conditions are independent of model mesh and are instead attached to regions, lines, points, or a surface. Complex pinching-out of surfaces can even be handled.

New to SVOffice 2006 is 3D Visual Modeling. This allows users to see their 3D models being constructed in real-time as the geometry is defined.

2. Unmatched 3D Applications - 3D Modeling is available for the following processes:

  • Seepage / Groundwater Modeling - Heap Leach Modeling, Tailings Pond Modeling, Dam Design and Analysis, Soil Cover Modeling, and more...
  • Stress and Deformation Modeling - Foundation Design, Tunnel Design, Anchor Design, Slab on Ground Modeling, and more...
  • Freeze and Thaw Modeling - Pipe Design, Roadways, Mining, and more...
  • Air Flow Modeling - Foundation Vapor Intrusion, Soil Air Phase Modeling, and more...
  • Contaminant Transport Modeling - Contaminant Migration, Waste Containment Modeling, and more...

3. Time-Saving Features - Many features on SVOffice 2006 are designed to make modeling easier and faster for the user. The following are a few of the many features will help reduce modeling difficulty and save you time:

  • Automatic Mesh Generation - Don't worry about creating the problem mesh, this is automatic.
  • Automatic Mesh Refinement - Don't worry about adding mesh density to sensitive zones, this is automatic.
  • Geometry Imports - 2D and 3D problems can be defined quickly.
  • Online Manuals - All of our manuals are available online with context-sensitive help. Just hit F1 when a dialog box is open to read its help contents.
  • Undo and Redo - Our software now includes undo and redo features that allow users to back up and move forward in the finite element model. Now a small mistake in modeling is no big deal.

SVOffice 2006 Package Bundles

The SVOffice 2006 bundles allow users to choose which applications they want to purchase. The bundle packages can be found below:

SVOffice 2006 Core
SoilVision Office Core is our introductory package which includes any 2 of our qualifying products from the SoilVision family.

For example, you could choose:

2D packages start at $3990. 3D packages start at $5995. Click here to purchase.

SVOffice 2006 Prime
SoilVision Office Prime is our basic package which includes any 3 of our qualifying products from the SoilVision family.
  For example, you could choose:

2D packages start at $5490. 3D packages start at $7995. Click here to purchase.

SVOffice 2006 Elite
SoilVision Office Elite is our complete package which includes all 7 products from the SoilVision family.
2D packages start at $6953. 3D packages start at $12228. Click here to purchase.

SoilVision Product Integration

All SVOffice 2006 applications now run from one interface. These applications also work together to help bring your project from raw data to a solution. View our product integration chart.

New Features in SVOffice 2006

  • New user interface - Many improvements that simplify and standardize operations have been made.
  • Fully Visual 3D Model Development - Models can be built fully while visualizing in 3D. Boundary conditions and soil properties are now represented in 3D models.
  • Simple to Use - Our new highly visual graphical interface allows our models to be created in the shortest time possible. Are you a new user? No problem! Intuitive design and extensive help capabilities will have you up and running in under 30 minutes.
  • Product Integration - All our SVOffice applications are integrated into a single software user interface. Users can flip between front-end model development and back-end AcuMesh visualization with the click of a button.
  • Enhanced Data Management - New XML data storage format means speed is greatly improved. Size and complexity of 3D models accommodated is dramatically improved.
  • Integrated Help Systems - Built-in and comprehensive system for help.
  • Robust Installations - The .NET development environment provides increased robustness in worldwide & multilingual installations.

Animated tutorials can be accessed here.

Integrated Help

All of SVOffice 2006's documentation has been rewritten and integrated into the software itself - no Internet connection is required. PDF versions of the user's and tutorial manuals are available for download from this website.

System Requirements

SVOffice 2006 requires Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP. The recommended minimum hardware configuration is a P266 with 128MB RAM and 35 MB hard disk space.