Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Names SoilVision's SVSLOPE® 3D Best New Product/Service.

SASKATOON, SK, Canada - February 8, 2017

As SoilVision Systems Ltd. announced the full release of the SVOFFICE™5/GT software suite, the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce named them winner of the Sabex award for New Product/Service.

"We have been working with incredible focus to deliver the latest software in geotechnical field with our new SVSLOPE® software product, a part of our SVOFFICE™ suite. We are honored that the business community recognizes the opportunities our work brings to the market," says Founder and CEO Dr. Murray Fredlund. "We have been developing this innovative geotechnical software over the past 10 years and it is our hope that the software will transform the way the geotechnical industry undertakes slope designs through advanced numerical modeling."

The SVSLOPE® software represents the first comprehensive 3D limit equilibrium slope stability software in the commercial market. SVSLOPE® works well with SVDESIGNER™, advanced geometry conceptual model builder software, and can model geotechnical sites created using grids and meshes. Comprehensive analysis methods, such as the GLE or Morgenstern-Price methods as well as advanced Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) at any orientation, make this software a leader and provide a paradigm shift for 3D Slope stability analysis.

The geotechnical engineering industry is a growing market, in areas of mining, construction, water resources and climate change impact. The SoilVision software has been used on world class projects by many major geotechnical consultants worldwide.

"On behalf of our entire team at SOILVSION, I thank the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, PotashCorp and BDC for the recognition." says Fredlund.

We welcome all inquiries and invite you to take the new SVOFFICE™5/GT software for a test drive.

SoilVision is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and often cited as a leader in geotechnical numerical analysis software development. They employ a growing team of geotechnical and geological engineers at the BSc, MSc, and PhD levels, and are a private company. SVOFFICE, SVSOILS, SVDESIGNER, SVFLUX, SVAIR, SVCHEM, SVHEAT, SVCORE are trademarks of SoilVision Systems Ltd. SVSLOPE, SoilVision are registered trademarks of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

The Sabex Awards are produced by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and presented by PotashCorp to recognize companies and individuals from around the region for business excellence.