SoilVision Systems Ltd. Announces Collaboration with Los Alamos National Labs for Development of Regional Modeling Code (SVFLUX™WR)

SASKATOON, SK, Canada - September 27, 2016

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce completion of phase one of a collaborative research and development program for a user-friendly front-end/back-end interface to the sophisticated FEHM finite element solver developed by Los Alamos National Labs (LANL). This has resulted in the release of SVFLUX™WR to build complex 3D regional flow numerical models further expanding the powerful feature-set of SVOFFICE™5.

The FEHM solver has been developed extensively by Los Alamos over the past 30 years and represents over 50 man-years of effort. The FEHM solver allows the stable solution of large, highly non-linear unsaturated groundwater flow models and has been utilized on many government and international projects including analysis of EPA superfund sites.

The FEHM solver was utilized on the famous Yucca Mountain nuclear storage project to model the regional groundwater flow to ascertain the ability of the site to accept nuclear waste. A full list of the other applications of FEHM is available on the LANL website.

The research and development program expands on the existing SVOFFICE™5 modules with their easy to use CAD interface to serve as a package capable of saving time when modeling using the FEHM solver. Models can be created in a matter of hours and then analyzed with the comprehensive FEHM capabilities. The ACUMESH™ back end visualization provides extensive and state-of-the-art visualization capabilities to the FEHM solver. Extremely large scale models of over a million nodes can be solved and the results visualized and animated in a simple manner. The purpose of the collaboration is to bring efficiency and speed to the model creation process for a hydrogeological finite element solver proven as one of the most capable in the world.

The use of the FEHM solver developed by Las Alamos National Labs (LANL) provides the following advantages to numerical modeling solutions:

  • Stable solutions of non-linear unsaturated models with high numbers of nodes
  • Ability to utilize supercomputers for high-demand solutions
  • Comprehensive modeling of drawdown and recharge for pumping well networks
  • Ability to solve regional models with extremely thin lateral layers

The collaborative software package brings an extensive array of new features and makes them easily accessible to end users such that the models can be created and solved in a consulting time frame. The following features specifically are able to be analyzed with the FEHM solver:

  • 3D complex geometries with unstructured grids
  • Saturated and unsaturated media
  • Fully implicit, fully coupled Newton Raphson solution of non-linear equations

The interface for the FEHM solver utilizes the existing SVOFFICE™ interface. The model design remains simple and easy. Existing models may also be run in multiple solvers, which allows increased confirmation of results. This is a significant advantage when considering extremely complicated or detailed numerical models.

Very large 3D numerical models have often been avoided due to the complexities related to solving a high number of nodes. The FEHM solver brings its exceptional design based in high end computing platforms to the forefront and allows stable solutions with very complicated 3D numerical models. Therefore, FEHM allows for robust and comprehensive 3D solutions with extreme numbers of nodes to be solved with optimum efficiency.

A beta version of the new product is expected shortly. If your firm is interested in helping us beta test the new software please complete this application form. After beta testing is completed the package will be released as a commercially available software package supported by SoilVision Systems Ltd.

SVSLOPE, SoilVision are registered trademarks of SoilVision Systems Ltd.
FEHM is used under license from Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL).