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2010 Retrospect

SoilVision Systems Ltd. has continued down the path of continuous innovation and has introduced a variety of new features to its customers in 2010. The biggest highlight of the year was the release of our 3D SVSlope® beta package. This was the result of over five years of development, and as you can imagine, there was much celebration when the release date was reached. Our webinars sessions on SVSlope® 3D were received enthusiastically, and encouraged us to continue to plan more such webinars in the future. Keep an eye out for more webinars on 3D modeling in the next few months!

As 2011 begins, we wish you the best from myself and the team at SoilVision Systems Ltd. and look forward to working with you in 2011!

Best regards,

Murray Fredlund, PhD., P.Eng.
President / CEO
SoilVision Systems Ltd.

Success Story: The Effect of Declining Water Levels on the Stability of Riverbank Slopes

The following research summarizes recent studies from Adelaide University, which used unsaturated soil mechanics and further advanced the understanding of climatic influences on slope stability. Recent upgrades to computing technology allow SoilVision's software to accurately model long term slope stability. Two software packages were used, SVFlux™ for seepage modelling and SVSlope® for calculating slope stability. The research presented examines modelling the effect of declining water levels on the stability of riverbank slopes.  

Research: Effect of Mesh Resolution on Long-Term Water Balance Calculations

The quantification of the performance of earth covers has been largely determined through the use of test plots as well as numerical modeling. Such numerical models are run with the use of complex climatological data and unsaturated soil property functions. These inputs are then used by the finite element solvers in order to determine vertical flow rates and, ultimately, long-term percolation rates past the earth cover.   

Become a SVSlope 3D Beta Tester

Our SVSlope® 3D beta trial has proven to be a great success! There is still time to become a beta tester and apply our software to your real-world models. Beta testers will receive a special discount on the full SVSlope® 3D package when ordering the product.


GeoFrontiers 2011
March 13-16, 2011,   Dallas, TX, USA
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