Utilizing 3D Planar Geometry

Recent time and energy has been invested in improving the description of three-dimensional models in SVOffice 2009. Previously, SVOffice only allowed the description of three-dimensional objects built as a series of surface grids which were stacked upon each other. Regions in the old model paradigm cut through the surfaces similar to a cookie cutter effect to allow the creation of three dimensional region / layer combinations in a 3D model. While the surfaces paradigm of describing three-dimensional models is powerful, it was often difficult to create specific structures which were engineered to exact slopes and dimensions. These unique engineered model shapes often included engineered structures such as:

  • Earth dams
  • Heap leach piles
  • Waste rock piles
  • Road side slopes
  • Bridge abutments

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If you would like to learn more about planar geometry, we welcome you to contact us directly. The free STUDENT version of SVOffice 2009 can be downloaded so you can try creating your own 3D models. The models shown above are included in the next regular release of our model gallery, which will be posted within the next few days.

Multiple layer deposition of earth

Earth dam with tailings pit

Earth dam in valley

Detailed descriptions of these models are available in the SVFlux Examples Manual.


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