Balefill Slope Stability Analysis

The unique ability of SVSlope to search for the most critical slip surface has application in the area of balefill slope stability analysis. In a balefill, the incoming waste stream is compacted into rectangular bales prior to landfilling.

Balefills are operated separately from landfills, where the incoming waste is usually condensed in-situ by compactors. The study outlined in this article required the slope stability analysis of a proposed vertical extension to a balefill.

Why use dynamic programming? Conventional geotechnical analysis methods are generally limited to well-defined failure modes, which may not occur in landfills due to the presence of unknown but preferential slip surfaces. Conventional models assume a stress distribution to solve an indeterminate problem. The application of dynamic programming with a stress-based analysis allowed the consultant to avoid drawbacks associated with conventional methods of slices.

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