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Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, SoilVision is proud to announce two brand new features on our website for your benefit. Our brand new applications gallery helps you find models tailored to your specific engineering needs. Each model is linked to our downloadable examples, listed by their filename. The example files can be downloaded directly from the SVOffice 2009 software for viewing, editing and experimentation.

Gallery features include:

  • Large screenshots showing model details
  • Searchable descriptions
  • Searchable categories and tags

There are more than 150 models in our gallery and more are being added all the time! Try it out and tell us what you think! You might be surprised at what you can find.

SoilVision is also proud to introduce our new Example Manuals. These are a new set of standard documentation to accompany SVOffice 2009. They include a more detailed description of a model's purpose, geometry, conditions, material properties, and a discussion of the model's results. There are four new manuals: ChemFlux, SVFlux, SVHeat and SVAirFlow. Click on the images below to download PDF versions of these new manuals.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our new applications gallery and documentation!

Frost Protected Structural Foundation and Heating System using SVHeat

Legalett specializes in foundation systems with built-in radiant floor heating. This unique product provides the customer with a well-designed house foundation that not only provides frost protection without frost walls but also has the added benefit of reducing or eliminating moisture and mildew from forming in the foundation.

The design of these foundations is complex and has been guided by the use of SVHeat. According to Scott Perry, Legalett, the software was selected based on the following advantages: "Its ability to simulate actual climate data as a boundary condition and its user friendly front end that makes the modeling we do simple. The output results can be uniquely formatted to make comparative studies on successive runs without taking up valuable engineering time."


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