1. Complex Geometry

Finite element code allows modeling of more complex geometry than with their finite difference counterparts.
2. Automatic Mesh Generation

SVOffice™ makes use of fully automatic mesh generation. This allows the modeler to concentrate on the conceptual model rather than the details of the finite element method. The solver makes use of tetrahedral elements which can be wedged into tight corners to allow pinching out of layers.
3. Automatic Mesh Refinement

SVOffice™ remains the only regional groundwater package in the world that offers fully automatic mesh refinement. The mesh refinement can be based off of any particular solution variable. This allows for enhanced stability and accuracy in solutions particularly where high gradients are involved.
4. Unsaturated Flow

SVFlux™ was formulated from the start to handle true unsaturated flow. Advanced solution algorithms make the package ideal for handling the nonlinearities associated with highly nonlinear unsaturated flow.
5. Pinching Out

The tetrahedral elements used by the final solver are truly 3D and are generated in all three dimensions. The mesh is not developed on a surface and then extruded through a model. This allows true representation of layers which pinch out at certain points in the model to zero thickness.
6. Contaminant Coupling

SVFlux™ and ChemFlux™. Radioactive decay or density-dependant solutions are available.
7. Thermal Coupling

SVFlux™ Professional and SVHeat™ Professional allow the calculation of geo-thermal sub-surface heat movement. Both Conductive and Convective heat flow solutions are available. Ideal for borehole thermal energy storage systems (BTES).
8. Climate Coupling

Recharge rates be accurately calculated through rigorous climate coupling with SVFlux™. Data from weather stations can be input and exact evaporation and recharge rates can be calculated.