New markets

SVOffice™allows you to continue solving the same types of modeling problems you always have for your clients and gives you the capabilty of expanding into new markets.

The following list is a collection of the most common hydrogeological applications for SVOffice Most of them are included as sample models in our free software download.

  • Design of canals by modeling pumping, water tables, or general flow
  • Regional flow modeling with complex geometry and pinch outs
  • Model large numbers of pumping wells in regional models
  • Dewatering scenarios around mining structures, mine pits, mine shafts or for general construction
  • Borehole Pumping
  • Recharge through the unsaturated zone
  • Coupled movement of contaminants through the saturated or unsaturated zones
  • Mining applications such as waste-rock piles or tailings pits
  • Geothermal applications which track heat storage and movement conductively and convectively through aquifers.
  • Unsaturated Flow
  • Evapotranspiration - Model the hydrological cycle. SVFlux™ Professional provides users with the ability to model evapotranspiration. Source and sink flows can be defined along with transient, climate data, and root uptake values. The result is the most comprehensive evapotranspiration analysis in hydrogeology.
  • Water Supply
  • Aquifers
  • Perform a well-pumping analysis to examine the resulting cone of depression
  • Model rivers and general water flow
  • Model pond infiltration and couple with SVHeat™ to model thermal regimes around the pond
  • Climactic Coupling (Cover Design)
  • Earth Dams
  • Irrigation
  • Road (transportation)
  • Heap Leach Analysis
  • Plume Migration can be tracked over time to show their movement. Change some soil properties and compare the model resultes easily. ChemFlux allows users to accurately track particle movement in 2D and 3D.
  • Contaminant Migration
  • Thermal Groundwater Flow

SVOffice™ Real Time Savings means profitability

  • The coupling of the professional versions of our software moves beyond iterative coupling of models to a true combination of software packages where you can solve multiple processes within the context of a single modeling problem.
  • The coupling of processes combined with our automatic mesh refinement can generate time savings of up to 50%.
  • For a full list of what processes SVOffice is capable of coupling please go here.

SVOffice™ is the industry leader

  • Our software is more technically comprehensive than other currently available software. We are leading the industry into the future with our research and response to our customer's needs.
  • We've established ourselves over the last 12 years as a leading software developer and we are growing consistently and steadily in the geotechnical software market. Click here for our most recent success stories!
  • The majority of major worldwide geotechnical consultants use our software and it is used in over 55 countries worldwide!

SVOffice™ is responsive to your customer's needs

  • Being able to do modeling in new ways is not always better. SoilVision's response to this is to offer complete methodologies using both the old and the new. Your ability to present the results of whichever methods your customer requires will show your commitment to service in your industry.
  • One example of this is our answer to Rapid Drawdown. Our software suite offers the capabilities of the Duncan Three-Stage Total Stress method and the Effective Stress method.
  • SVOffice also offers the ability to extend analysis from the basics of 1D to a full 3D analysis.

SVOffice™ Reliability

  • Consistent and reliable research into computational geotechnical modeling by the team at SoilVision will ensure your ability to offer reliable modeling in a cost efficient fashion to your customers.
  • SoilVision conducts thousands of QAQC checks before the public release of new versions and has developed an ability to turn around and release new features quickly as a result of this.
  • The team at SoilVision Systems Ltd. represents an advanced group of geotechnical engineers and software developers with M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees and decades of experience which ensures that your modeling will be successful and reliable.