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This model examines the application of the Monte Carlo analysis to a block failure of a generic heap leach scenario with pseudo-static loading and a horizontal seismic load coefficient of 0.09.

A probability analysis is used using Monte Carlo method and a floating critical slip surface location.

The analysis method used for this study is:
M-P (Interslice Force Function - Half-sine).

The search method for the critical slip surface is "Block". The block search method allows specification of a slip involving a "block" of soil with two hinge points. Trial slip surfaces are generated by placing a grid of trial vertices at each hinge point. The critical slip surface is considered to be non-circular.

Model filename: Slopes_Group_3 > HeapLeachMonte_Block.svm

Tags: Slopes_Group_3,Earth structures,Slopes_Group_3,SVSLOPE,2D,Steady-State,Probability,Block,Slope Group 3,Heap leach draindown,Mining,Heap Leach,Infrastructure,Slopes_1/2/3/SAFE