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The following example will introduce you to the three-dimensional model in CHEMFLUX. The model will be used to investigate if contaminant from a reservoir will travel to a river channel due to advection and dispersion processes within a 400 day time period. The 400 day time period was chosen as the time necessary to install a pumping well between the river channel and the reservoir. The well will be used to pump contaminant from the ground to ensure the plume will not reach the river channel. The example model begins with a brief description of the steady-state seepage analysis completed to provide CHEMFLUX with computed seepage gradients. Next a detailed set of instructions guides the user through the creation of the 3D contaminant transport model.

Model filename: Ponds > ReservoirChemFlux.svm

Tags: Ponds,CHEMFLUX,3D,Transient,Ponds,Waste management,Waste Containment