Customizable Solutions

Our products are unique in that the problem formulation may be edited by the user. The numerical solution of each problem is represented as a mathematical text file. The FlexPDE solver uses a mathematical scripting language similar to the MathCAD™ or MatLab™ products.

This unique feature allows the following benefits to our software packages:
  • University students may view the mathematical formulation they are solving including governing partial differential equations (PDEs).
  • Our products are ideal for research in that experimental formulations may be tested with no prgramming efforts. Customized boundary conditions may be added or additional partial differential equations may be coupled in.
  • Consultants may provide customized finite element solutions to their clients.

An example of a typical scripting file showing the 2D formulation of Richards equation may be seen in the following figure:

An animated example of modifying the formulation may been seen here.

If you would like us to develop a customized solution for you please click here for more information.